The Right Thermostat Can Make All the Difference!

Programmable, energy-efficient thermostats are an easy and desirable retrofit in most homes today.  They can be connected with most heating and cooling systems.

Today’s thermostats typically fall into two categories:

  • Traditional thermostats are affordable and many come with the ability to program and schedule what temperatures you want for specific times.
  • Connected thermostats add a more functionality, including the ability to remotely monitor and control not just your home’s temperature but also many other smart home solutions, including lights, locks, cameras and more. At RP Carder, we offer a multitude of options including American Standard with Nexia Diagnostics, Honeywell, Nest and many other smart home solutions.

Did You Know?  Nexia Diagnostics allows RP Carder Mechanical to remotely monitor your home’s HVAC system performance using real-time data. In many cases we can identify a problem before our customer realizes its an issue. This allows us to be Proactive not Reactive which saves our customers money in the long run.  Learn More

Zone Control for

If  you’re a residential or commercial customer, flexible zone control throughout your home or building is a must.  RP Carder Mechanical are experts in zone control for spaces that are typically a challenge to regulate.  We know you care about easy to operate, and effective thermostats that provide programmable occupancy schedules, set points, holiday setbacks, and more.  Wouldn’t it be nice to set it and forget it for a change?

Call RP Carder Mechanical for consultation on what type of thermostat is best for you!

RP Carder Mechanical is able to evaluate, install, or replace any type or brand of thermostat in your home or place of business.